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FortiFlash Butyl Waterproof Flashing Membrane

Engineered to deliver lasting protection against water intrusion in the most demanding environments.

We all know that a properly installed window or door means using the right flashing product to prevent moisture intrusion and air leaks from occurring. FortiFlash Butyl is a premium self-adhesive waterproof flashing membrane that is designed to provide a strong self-sealing barrier to protect windows, doors and other non-roofing through-wall penetrations like recessed windows, sill pans, pot shelves and parapets.

FortiFlash Butyl’s proprietary compound delivers rock solid adhesion at an expanded temperature range and is chemically compatible with most standard sealants, as well as EPDM and vinyl. Reinforced by a heavy duty multi-layered polyethylene facer, the product can be easily worked around protrusions and into tight corners without delaminating or tearing. And the split release sheet makes integration with weather-resistive barriers a snap.

The ideal choice around the jobsite, butyl flashing is recommended for windows with vinyl nailing fins, and is now specified by many window manufacturers as a requirement to uphold the warranty.

13 Annual Temescal Street Fair 13 Annual Temescal Street Fair

13th Annual Temescal Street Fair

We want to share some photos from the Temescal Street Fair on June 12th. This North Oakland community event is a great mixer for the neighborhood and as you can see from the photos, our baseball toss was a big hit. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, and if you missed it there’s always next year.

13 Annual Temescal Street Fair 13 Annual Temescal Street Fair 13 Annual Temescal Street Fair 13 Annual Temescal Street Fair
Winbag inflatable airbag

Winbag - Pump it Up

Drum roll please, introducing the whoopie cushion redux, the Winbag. The Winbag is an inflatable airbag shim or “air wedge” as they call it. With a maximum load of 300 lbs per bag, the Winbag will fit the tiniest of gaps (3/32 to 2 inches) and replaces the need for wooden shims and plastic wedges in window, door and cabinet installations. The fiber reinforced bag is reusable and non-marking. This might be one of those why didn’t I think of that products that actually works. Check it out the next time you visit our store.

Random Acts - Christmas 2016

Dear Paul & Economy Lumber ~

Oakland Firefighters Random Acts extends a heartfelt Thank You for your participation in our 2015 Holiday Toy Drive. Thanks to your toy donations, Oakland Firefighters delivered over 1,000 gift wrapped presents to children in need in under-served neighborhoods in the Oakland community. Firefighters played Santa Claus and delivered toys to 6 Head Start programs, the Brighter Beginnings teen parenting program, and the East Oakland Boxing Association after-school program. Random Acts also responded to all the ‘Letters to Santa’ and ‘Letters to Firefighters’ that children dropped off at Oakland fire stations, and fulfilled all the requests from families that stopped by or contacted a fire station in need of toys for their children. Random Acts volunteers gift wrapped the toys, and Oakland Firefighters personally delivered the bags of presents to the family’s houses on their fire engines. The kids were just as excited to see the fire engine and Firefighters as they were to receive the toys.

To truly appreciate what your toy donations mean to Random Acts and the children who receive them is to see the smiles on the children's faces when they open their presents and express their excitement and joy unwrapping their toys. Please click on the link below to view a YouTube video of children opening their presents delivered by Oakland Firefighters

Please share this message with all involved.

Thanks & Happy New Year,
Oakland Firefighters Random Acts

Economy Lumber Piedmont sign

Economy Lumber Piedmont is a vestige of another era’ — your local, neighborhood lumberyard. Located within the Broadway-40th Street corridor revitalization, we recently upgraded our street sign and planted eight oaks on our South side.
Economy Lumber Piedmont street sign
Using the existing sign, we were able to refurbish the frame, upgrade the graphics and illuminate the sign at night more efficiently. So drive by and check it out on your next date night

Sierra Club tree planting

Street Trees for Oakland

The Sierra Club Tree Team, San Francisco Bay Chapter: Street Trees for Oakland and a community volunteer group called Urban Relief our on a mission, a long-term project to re-establish the oak, and other trees in Oakland. After all, there were oak woodlands here, the Ohlone Indians had acorn harvests and Oakland starts with oak. Now urban forestry is a growing field and the benefits of trees as part of a city’s climate action plan are undeniable. With that said, we planted eight oaks along our South side and encourage you to check this program out and participate if you can.

Economy Lumber Piedmont

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